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96 flavors of Salt Water Taffy

12 flavors of Rock Candy

85 different chocolate bars

hundreds of classic candy items

Import Candy - Sugar Free - more


BBQ - Jams - Butters

Souvenir Key Chains & Magnets

Adult and Children's Apparel

Missouri made keepsakes


Toys for the kids

Jewelry for Mom

Personalized knives for Dad

Games for the whole family


Doing our best to keep customers

and our staff safe in the midst

of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Candy Wizard has always been a leader in preventing
cross contamination of germs with our products.
We Don't have bulk bins of unwrapped candy that can
be touched by hands.  All of our candy is either
wrapped or in tamper proof containers.

Hand sanitizer is available in serveral locations.

We Don't stop there.  Our staff regularly sanitize frequently touched areas of the store.
We have plexiglass dividers to maintain space at the check out
stands and we use UV light to kill germs at our counter, and
where sanitizer is not practical.

You can help too.  Please maintain a six foot social distance
between you and others.  Wear a face mask that covers both
your mouth and nose (EVERONE OVER 5 YEARS OLD)

Please don't handle products that
you won't be purchasing, and take advantage of our 
hand sanitizer stations.

Thank you and please come see us soon.

"Keep the Change"

Many people have had to give up their pets due to the Covid pandemic.  You can help take care of them.  Next

time simply say "Keep the Change" and we will donate it all to Wayside Waifs.

Six new rock candy flavors have just been added.  This gives you 15 colors and flavors to enjoy or to decorate a festive

candy table.

rock candy.JPG

Come Visit

Open Daily 10am to 5pm

Who We Are

The Candy Wizard is an industry leading Candy Store founded in 2015. The owners have been operating a store in this same location for 14 years. We guarantee to only serve you with the freshest packaged candies available in Kansas City. Our prices are the best and our sweet treats will surely make you come back for more! 

(816) 221-6161

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400 Grand Blvd, Suite 414, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA

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